Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Skool Systim

I was sitting in Kindergarten one day with my laces untied because I didn't know how to tie them. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Evans, asking Alicia to tie them for me because I couldn't. I was embarrassed.

I remember peeing my pants and being embarrassed.

We were sitting around the table cutting stuff out with the scissors that weren't made for left-handed kids (I'm telling you, this is why I cut right-handed), and this one kid goes, "I heard your dad smokes."

I cried. Because I was so embarrassed.

It's not just these things that make me hate the school systems. It's the freakin' rules. The laws. The mandates. The crap. 

Remember how David was gone for like, the whole summer? Remember how Jackson started Kindergarten without his dad?

So after he got back, we took a trip. WE took that awesome trip to Utah. I told his teacher we would be doing so and she was fine with it. I thought I had my bases covered. Nope. There's a system. a bureaucratic system to all things I guess.

I got a neat letter in the mail stating I needed to meet with the director of the school because Jackson had over 15 absences and if we were to meet with the director we may be granted a Gift of Time. What the hell is that? Well I found out. It's where you get another chance at Kindergarten. Or something. I don't actually know. But based on the research I found, that's my understanding.

So fast forward oh, 8 months and here we are. Instead of responding to their constant letters I gave them something instead. A notice of withdrawal. Well okay, they gave it to me to sign. And then I gave it back and then they gave me a copy. lol.

At first I was really sad. And I still am. Only because I love his teacher Mrs. Shaul. She has been a blessing and a gift to us.  I hope we will keep in touch. Because she is the kind of teacher that makes a difference. I am thankful.

So we celebrated. We celebrated with cupcakes. I got Jackson his own giant Cars themed cupcake to celebrate homeschooling. My friend sent me some links to resources. Resources such as women who have done this before. I'm not the first mom to feel remorse for withdrawing their child. I'm not the first mom who has wondered "What's next?". In fact, it's those women who have come up with their own lesson plans and created these beautiful things for people like me to use.

At least Jackson was student of the month.  He'll always be student of the month in my school.

I haven't decided on whether or not I will head the direction of unschooling or whether I will have a plan in place. Only time will tell.

So now I have more to blog about. I still have things to share with you. Did you know I created my own "free printable"? I know right??? Crafty lady I am. I guess you'll have to stay tuned for that.

I just hope if you are thinking about unschooling/homeschooling let this post be the push you need. You can do it! Luckily there are also support groups for this. lol. I don't think they'd like to be labeled as such but when I find myself questioning this decision, I turn to them. Here are a few Facebook pages that I've found I love so far. I feel like I'm giving up my secret recipe so I hope you feel honored lol.

I'm sure there'll be more on the way. But these are the ones that gave me the kick start I needed to withdraw. What a negative word. I wish it was not that. How about, I am choosing to move forward. I think I'm gonna create my own page.

Also, I will link the pages my friend shared with you so you can know where to go for some good resources.

Happy Day to us!

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