Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seriousness Is Bliss

I don't know why, but I've felt especially serious lately. I have a lot of funny things to say, but not really funny things. Today was a serious day in that I waited 7 hours for someone to come jump my car for me. As in, hook up the cords to my battery to make it start. I sent a few texts out saying "I am waiting for someone to come jump me." Uh, that doesn't sound right.

Instead, while waiting, I spent the day enjoying my kids! We were all anxious to leave but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy some Kai-Lan and pizza pockets. The rainy weather (thunder and lightening included) increased the snuggliness of my kids and I am definitely not sad about that.

We don't have internet at home right now nor do we have Satelitte TV or Cable. So reading and watching movies is what we do. It helped that the house is mostly clean so really, it was a GREAT day. Do I sound boring right now? Yeah I do.

In light of the boringness, let's talk about something NOT boring. Like my TI-83 Plus calculator. I am so grateful to have it. But the batteries keep running out so fast! Can you help? I need it. I take math class. Math is hard and fun. I like math.

Also (this is becoming random), I have chapped lips. Is that the weather change?

Book club is tomorrow. Who is coming??? If you can't come to this one, come to the next one. I'll let you know what we are reading when it's announced. Whoever is hosting gets to pick the next book. Whoop. Well, David is coming to get me. It's still raining! I love it.

Should I go to the gym? I don't want to. But I probably will.

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