Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two Funny Stories About My Kids

Story Number 1:

This one time David and I were cleaning out the kitchen. Like any good parent would, we sat our child on the oven. We have one of the completely flat electric ones and she was fussy so it seemed the best option (we also have a small kitchen and it was the only part of the kitchen that was clean). So anyway, she was sitting there enjoying her life. David reached for something out of the cupboard above the oven when all of a sudden, the red pepper flakes fell out. That's fine right? They didn't hit her or anything but they did turn on the oven! You can see where this is going right? Yeah, well it started to heat up and so did she. She started crying and wailing. David caught it in time and she was fine. There is no damage. Not even a little red mark as proof that this happened. Although if you want to call CPS, I understand.

Story Number 2:

Jackson got a hold of the baby powder. The end.

No really, he dumped the entire contents out all over the couch, himself and sissy girl. It was the cutest thing ever. I still haven't cleaned it up because it's sort of nice to have a "soft" floor. It's not going to be nice when someone falls on their butt cause it's actually slippery. I wish I could explain to you how funny it was. I have a picture. I'll share it.

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