Thursday, April 9, 2009


Is my husband the only one that doesn't help out around the house? I mean seriously... ugh. I need EVERY married woman to respond to this. I'm being serious. I don't ask him to do much. I'm sort of over it. When he cooks, it's like a tornado has been through the kitchen. Somehow food miraculously appears in places it really should never be. It's annoying.

I love Mexican tortillas. I love the Farmers Market on Greenfield and Main. If you live in Mesa and haven't been there, GO! SUCH cheap produce. It's crazy busy but the checkout people are freakin fast so you get out real quick. My checkout lady was awesome today. She was totally from New York and saw that I was buying tofu. She said, "You ever cooked with that stuff?" I said no, but that my husband is taking a nutrition class and we are trying to go Vegan because of it. She said, "I would get a new husband." lol. lol. So funny. She then said, "I would rather be overweight than eat healthy." I totally had to agree with that. Love my life.

That's all. I'm adding famous people on Myspace. Their actual real profiles. I'm already friends with Nicole Richie, and I added Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad today. These are their real profiles. Myspace verifies them. Yup. I'm popular. Myspace is not evil.

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