Monday, February 16, 2009

Lessons in Spelling and Grammar: Ya, Yeah, Yay, Yea

Pretty much it's time for everyone to learn. Instead of definitions, I will write the word, the correct pronunciation, and then use it in a sentence. This is all according to the world of Lisa. Please feel free to correct me. But don't really because I am right.

Ya: (yuh) How are ya doing? Do ya like the way I write this? Ya do?

Yeah: (not sure how to spell how this sounds) Yeah, I want to go with you and yeah, you are super cool. Only sometimes though. Yeah?

Yay: (yaay, as in a long a) YAY! You finally got it right. Yay, you won the lottery? I hope you are sending me some of your money.

Yea: (see above yeah). I hate this one. It's not even a word. It could be any of the ones above. Ugh. I hate it.

The end. Again, this is all my opinion but I'm pretty sure I'm right. In fact, I know I am. Mostly my spelling lessons come from texting. People are in such a hurry to write that they don't usually spell these words right. Anyway, this is a good lesson because I get most irritated with those ones. I tend to read things in my head and if they are written wrong, I end up getting all confused and such. So anyway, I like ya.

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