Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Did I Really Sign Up for This?

Once again, I complain.

But first I express gratitude. It equals out right? I had a great Christmas with family. It was nice to be together. I'm thankful for them. I'm thankful for everyone's thoughtfulness this season.

Both of my babies are sick. Really sick. I am sick too. It's not even a fun combination. Mom's don't get days off. that makes me so angry. We have been sick for about two weeks now. Not cool.

David is actually at the hospital with Jackson right now. He has been feverish and throwing up for two days. His temp was 104 earlier today. I just got a text from David with the same news. He threw up on the way there. Poor guy. I'm pretty sure David is the only one without some sort of ailment right now. Well physical.

Just got an update. Jackson might have a really bad UTI. They are doing an X-ray and giving him an IV. Poor guy. Makes me sad.

Besides all that, I feel like there is this constant rain cloud above my head. That is so negative and awful to say but it's true. I feel like it's just pouring. Seriously... picture a rain cloud right over your head. How awful is that? Unless you like the rain. Well even I do bUt after awhile you get cold and want to see the sun right?

Where are the money trees?

Where are the magical elves that provide power to my house?

When will the fire in my throat stop burning?

When will I be able to not go into debt over toilet paper? I was just telling my friend that we are so poor we have to take BACK the toilet paper we bought today. Don't know what we are gonna wipe with. Hands? We have soap... jk lol. But we can use the 6 dollars for power. Or gas in the car.

This is just a big pity party? Wanna join? Maybe I should have posted this on my secret blog. Nah, it's real life right?

I read everyone elses blogs and they are all happy and lovey and sweet. I want that. It's coming I hope.

I made stew tonight... well today. In the crockpot. I'm a good wife. I'm also a good homemaker. lol. I make myself laugh. At least someone does. It turned out well. I even almost took a picture of the deliciousness so I could show off. That's how I roll.

There are pictures from this holiday that I would like to post however, I am too tired and too lazy to do so. Okay. I will. Just a few.

Aunt Steph and Sadie

I love fudge cause it's so delicious. Okay, that's one of my most favorite pictures of my mom. I feel like she really had to let go. Love it.

His holiday sweater made with love from Grandma Christiansen.

More to come.
David just called me to ask when Jacksons birthday was. That makes me laugh a little. Anyway, I better go. They are coming home. I assume everything is okay then. I'll let you know.

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