Monday, August 25, 2008

Walking on Sunshine

Jackson is officially walking. I think he started yesterday... while I was gone. I am so mad about that. Everyone told me that he would walk everywhere and even when he fell, he would get up and walk again. OMG! That's amazing.

So I saw it in action today. My baby is totally growing up. No one realizes what a big deal it is. It totally is. I want everyone to stop and stare at him when he walks because it's huge!!! If I was really cool, I would post a picture or something. I have a video. I'll have to do that tomorrow because right now I just want to get done with post because I am sweating profusely. It's gross. I have the knee sweat at all. I was reading the herbal remedy book and they have something to help out with pregnant sweaty women. What's Da Wanksta's term for that? I can't remember.

What else is new? Nothing. Well some things. I can't really think right now. But I hope everyone is super happy that Jackson is walking. Can everyone stand up and clap? K thanks.

P.S... Did I mention that David got a job? We are gonna be richies again. We'll be able to afford our own toilet paper soon. That's exciting huh? Speaking of toilet paper... I need some soon. Like right now actually.

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