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I Kind of Like My Kids

Sunday, May 27, 2012
I have a 5 year old! Well almost I will. In a few days. He's kind of adorable. And sweet. Can you tell me where I should school him? Home? Paulden? Cheens? None of the above? Eek.

We had a party for him and it was not what we were expecting. We were expecting a bounce house but because of our awesome wind, it was canceled. We went to Peter Piper instead. It was lots o' fun. I honestly believe that Peter Piper is WAY too much work for what you get of it. You spend lots of money, energy, time, money, (did I mention money) and you get cheap toys to take home. And lots of memories too. I'm not complaining because I think I had the easiest job yesterday. Thankfully I have the best family ever and I basically got to sit around and do nothing. Whoop!

Here are pictures. A few things about Nickle. Well, there are way too many. He is super duper sweet. I know he gets it from his dad. Genevieve loooooovvveees him. If him and i are sitting next to each other and she sees him, she won't even look at me. She'll look at him and smile. He always knows how to calm her down.

Him and Sadie have started the taunting/teasing phase of life. I'm not that excited about it. It's fun though because they are pretty equal when it comes to it all. Sadie is a spitfire and even though she's smaller, she is just as big in her personality. Currently she is chasing him around with a butter knife threatening to get him. lol. Yes I let my kids run with knives.

Jackson STILL loves trains and dirt and chasing chickens. He loves to eat and play with cars. He is also into building things.

I asked him some questions.

Favorite Color: "What color? I like the...what's black? What black thing? Red."

Favorite Train: "My favorite train is um... Thomas."

Favorite show: "Phineas and Pherb"

WHat do you like to do outside?: "I like to get some eggs. I like to go to Cheyanne's house. IS that enough mommy?"

What do you like to eat for breakfast?: "I like to eat noodles and also um.... I like bananas for breakfast."

What does your daddy teach you? "Ummm.... like this.... upside down (puts hands on ground)."

What does your mommy teach you? "You teach me to be nice."

Who is your best friend? "I like the bestest Cheyanne. And I like Billie Jean. Optimus Prime... and cousins."

Okay. Here are some unedited pictures. I've decided to stop caring. ONly because I've decided to start caring more about getting things documented.

2 comments on "I Kind of Like My Kids"
  1. Seriously they are so cute. I decided the same thing about blog pics's not a photog blog, they dont HAVE to be edited!

  2. Seriously they are so cute. I decided the same thing about blog pics's not a photog blog, they dont HAVE to be edited!