Friday, September 26, 2008

When it Rains it Pours

So... I don't think I can handle life anymore. I know...another depressing sob story.

I keep thinking that today is the worst day ever, everyday. It's such a negative outlook right? I have to change that.

Today was officially the worst day though. It's one of those days you remember forever and even talk about for forever.

We all slept horrible. I thank Kristi and Mike for letting us stay at their house, but I condemn their neighbors who have the roosters that crow (do roosters crow?) at 5 in the a.m.. I love my hubby because he rattles the roosters in the tree and they flail and squak and it makes me happy. Anyway, there was also a cricket IN the wall that was singing me a goodnight lullaby for a loooong time.

Then the morning came rather quickly. The morning events consisted of a trip to Food City for el Pato and milk (perfect place to go huh?). It would have been a successful trip had I not lost my cell phone on the way. It was sitting on top of the car and we are all pretty sure the mexicans who congregate at the end of the road hoping for illegal under the table work, stole it. It was our first stop after leaving Kristis house and I'm sure the braking caused it to fall off. So now there is a hispanic man out there with a pink Venus phone. I know it's true because David said they tried to make 16 calls. They also mistakenly called Kristi's sister. Blah. I hate them.

Since I didn't have a phone, I went on my way to Jacksons docs appointment. Oooh, thank you to Kristi for giving him a big boy haircut. He looks freaking adorable. OMG. Love it. Anyway, we got to the doctor and my little boy had to have 5 effing shots. I had to hold down his arms. I lost it. He looked at me with pleading eyes and tears and I just couldn't handle it. I snuggled him good. He was SO amazing afterwards though. He gets the award for being The Best Baby After Shots.

Mmmkay so I didn't have my keys because they were lost (at least to me). So I drove to my sisters work hoping to get hers. She wasn't there. I drove home to see if someone was home. They weren't. I decided to go to Verizon to see about getting a new phone and guess what happened? You won't even be able to.

I got in an accident. Completely my fault. I call it a medium fender-bender because my cars' damage is pretty bad. Jackson and I are fine and so are the other people. Their truck is actually fine as well. They had a Ford F-250. Blah. I was crying hysterically. I really didn't think the day could get any worse. It totally did. I didn't have a phone, and I only knew two numbers. I called Steph and I called David. I knew David couldnt' do anything because he was in training and Steph didn't answer her phone for awhile. I was stranded in million degree weather with nothing but a broken car and no phone.

I count my blessings though. Steph did call back and she came and rescued me with root beer and an air-conditioned car. I love her for that. I'm sorry to her that her car has to smell like Italian food. I'm thankful to her for the Vanilla Bean Frappacino as well.

I'm thankful for David. He is the best and most wonderful man I could ever ask for. He didn't even ask questions, he just hugged me and loved me and soothed me. I love him. I'm pretty sure he is the rock that keeps me here on earth. Otherwise I might be flying....... off a mountain. Jk people. I'm not suicidal.

I'm thankful for Jackson. He was SO amazing today. He didn't cry at all (except for shots). We drove a TON and usually he gets a little cranky. He was an angel and was actually laughing when I was crying. I think that's what he thought I was doing. He gave me kisses all day and called me "dee-sa". Yes. It's Lisa and Daddy. Really funny.

I'm thankful for Kristi and Mike and Shayna and Kyrbi. Whenever I'm there, they ALWAYS take care of me and Jackson. Seriously. It's like a vacation at their house (except when Jackson gets into things and hurts Londyn). Otherwise, it's fantastic... even when Kristi almost knocks Jackson out and her daughter body slams him. lol.

I do have many things to be thankful for. Thanks for reading my sob story and my award speech. Don't feel sad for me. Just send me money. jk. But not really.

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