About Us

For the longest time I have been saying "I'm gonna make that into a shirt." If you're my friend, you've probably heard me say it at least one time. If you're not my friend yet, just know I reserve the right to copy something you say and print it on a comfy tee. My friends (in life and on the Facebook) are my inspiration. 

The time has come to make my words a reality. This has been an incredibly scary journey and I'm still terrified. Professionals would say I should leave that line out but I think you oughta know the truth. 

Anyway, I hope you'll check back often cause I plan on doing this for awhile. New ideas come to me every day, especially after Shondaland Thursdays. I almost always find something new to print on a shirt. Olivia Pope (Scandal) has a lot of good things to say. 

My audience is those people. The ones who watch Grey's and Scandal religiously. They love TV in general. My people are the ones who love popular music but recognize the lyrics as more than just words, they're poetry! They're the ones who GTL on the regular but lol at themselves daily. I feel like the community of people who will appreciate my work may be small, but we will laugh together and the thought of that makes me incredibly happy. Since you're here, Welcome!