Thursday, October 27, 2016

About 10 seconds ago, I went to the restroom. I love the idea of a few minutes alone in a quiet room. That's why I shower.

Peeing/pooping alone is a thing of the future. I don't think (and I'm not even exaggerating here) I've been to the loo alone in 9 years.

She came to the door to tell me she was in the fridge and she burped really loud. Thanks Nevie. Thanks for telling me.

Speaking of burping. Yesterday we were at the homeschool meet-up. The girls and I were sitting in the car waiting for Jackson to get out of art class. We had the windows down, the park was right next to us where other moms were sitting and chatting. Nevie proceeded to belch the loudest noise in the world. Everyone turned their heads. I didn't say anything.

I wish I could get one of her noises on video. They are so so so so so loud. We are trying to encourage an 'excuse me' afterwards but I think our laughing has barred any hope for manners.

One more funny story about the 4 year old. I was at an appointment for what I think is a pinched nerve. Thankfully I received a doc that knows things. We went into the physical therapy area and he was doing some stretches and massage on my neck. It was relaxing and wonderful. I was focusing on my breathing. The girls were being very good! They were quietly playing. In fact, the doc commented on how good they were being. Soon after. at the most opportune time Nevie said, "that looks like a vagina." Sadie then replied that she should not say that. Nevie: "What? Vagina?" 🙉🙊🙈

Today my 9 year old taught me how to subtract. I've been going over his pages of math and I realized today he never shows his work. I'm 30ish and I always carry my numbers. He just writes the answer. He sat me down today and taught me his method which he learned awhile ago (we use Singapore math). I'm glad my kids are smarter than me!

Sadie loves puzzles. She is better at them than I am. Today we finished one my mom sent in the mail. We received the package and opened it last night and she wanted to start then. It was bedtime so I told her I would help her when I woke up. When I came downstairs this morning, she had already commenced the putting together of the puppy puzzle. When we were done she said, "I wish we had another one." please send puzzles. Jk.

I just told my kids I needed an hour of quiet time. So I have my earphones on and I'm listening to tunes. I love music!

Last weekend, we took the kids to the Express (because we are classy) and we got milkshakes and slushies at 9 p.m. (because we are good parents). As we left the parking lot, I was playing DJ and I turned on my Christmas playlist. I SO wish I could show you what happened between David and I in the next 5 seconds. It's clearly imprinted in my brain forever. I looked at him, he looked at me and soon thereafter we laughed really hard. It still make me crack up just thinking about it. I've been begging him to let me get the Christmas stuff out and he said not until after Halloween.

Also, we have pests at our house. We have ants, we have beetles, we have stink bugs, we have giant GIANT grasshoppers, mosquitoes, spiders, bees, and other various crawling things. I am OVER it! I saw the funniest picture ever someone posted on a wives group here. It's how I feel on the daily. Please help me.

These are just pictures:

My friend Sparkles hosted the book club for this month

These are my bff's even if they don't know it

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My life isn't that glorious. Sure we take vacations to islands in the Mediterranean but isn't that normal? Just kidding. So here's the real deal. I constantly battle myself in how I present our life on social media. Take a look at my Instagram feed and you'll see what I'm talking about. Sometimes I post pictures that are artistic and serious and other times I post ugly selfies and do some real life talk. I never know what to post! I want to do both but I find I get tired of both sides.
This is my most favorite picture from our vacation 
Lately I've been pretty fed up with politics and perfection. I'm OVER it which is mostly why I haven't shared more of my utopian pictures of Calvi beach on the island of Corsica which we visited over the weekend. Because let's be honest, who really wants to see that? I don't. lol. I mean, I will document it but I may not share it. Again, the struggle is real for me. I don't want to seem too braggy and at the same time I want to share with my friends and family the things we do that are awesome in our otherwise mostly normal life.

Today for example. Today is the first day after we got back from vacation and we woke up to go to art class. We hopped in our extremely messy vehicle and drove to post where I rushed the kids into class while Nevie and I did some serious drive-thru soda rescue. I hadn't had a fountain soda with ice in 5 days. I instantly felt better. Then Nevie and I went to the park where she did exercise and wanted me to follow suit. Her version of exercise was running around the jungle gym which I totally did. It warmed me up because I think it's Fall and I was chilly. I did Nevie a favor and wiped off the wet slide with my butt and therefore needed it to dry. I sat on the ground to accomplish my task and very soon-after realized once I got up, there would be some serious bum marks on the ground. Oh well. Who cares that the playground was filling with fellow homeschool mom's and their kids? Meh.

After that we did some more playing at the park because Jackson doesn't actually have art at the same time as Sadie but she won't go to class without big brother. So he does 2 art classes really. He sits through hers and draws pictures, gets a half hour break and then does his art class for 1.5 hours. He's a good one. Today, while Jackson was gone Sadie did make a friend! Her name is Elizabeth and she was so excited to tell me about her. One of my favorite things about Sadie is her ease in being friendly. She doesn't easily make the friends but once she does, she's an instant bestie to that girl/boy. The other great thing about her is that she doesn't forget any of them. She is constantly talking about her cousins, and Cheyenne and Kaydence and Carter to name a few. I finally told her today that we needed to make a list of her friends and send them letters and cards. She loved that idea.  Off topic. In the midst of playing, Nevie even came over to tell me about her fellow "banana hair" friend. It still makes me want to squeeze her that she calls her hair color "Banana" and sure enough, that friend had almost the exact same color of hair. Yay for Banana Besties.

We returned home after art and had 15 minutes of Xbox before I had them help me clean up the house. While we picked up, I busted out the sewing machine to make a cover for something. I messed up something though. I'm terrified of messing stuff up? Have I told you that? I've been trying my hand at knitting and crocheting and I'm super scared of doing it wrong and it looking ugly. Perfectionist much? I'm working on it though! So, about 30 minutes ago I finished sewing a very NOT straight line. But Wah-la! It's done. I don't know how to spell wa-la. Wala. Whatever.

I realized we were almost late for karate so we jumped in the car and I once again hurriedly dropped of Jackson for karate. The girls and I meandered over to the PX where I returned several items (without a receipt, for store credit) and then we promptly re-spent that money on umbrella's and discount home decor. I can't wait to show you what I got! I love a bargain!

After picking up Jack from karate (and making a brief stop at the food court for more fast food snacks) we went immediately to our friends' house. She graciously offered to have us over. I almost said no because I think they've had us over like 12 times and we haven't had them over once. #truefriends. Today I read an Instagram post from a tired Mom who finally said yes to someone offering help and she did it without guilt. I thought of her today as I said yes and I was so thankful I did. My kids needed a meal that wasn't preservative-filled and I couldn't quite do it today (we just got home from vacation remember?) and I was very thankful for an intuitive friend who allowed us to join in on their meal which was AWESOME by the way! This woman is one of my favorites. She gets my humor and I know their family was put in Italy to bless our lives. I know, the world revolves around me. lol.

Anyway, I totally got sidetracked like 3 times in this post. See? That's what I'm talking about. Maybe it's just my lack of concentration that prevents me from deciding on what kind of Instagrammer I'll be. Just know, there are no actually perfect lives. 92 percent of the posts you see on social media are fabricated. I want you to think about what's actually happening behind of the scenes of these fabulous flat-lays, luminous lighting and wonderful words. They aren't always legitimate. Also, Hillary or Trump will most likely win and regardless of all of this, life will go on. In the meantime, I'm gonna TRY and be bone fide.