Friday, October 23, 2015

Listen. We aren't idiots. We're not even asking for a Target brick and mortar store to be near us. We have handled the shipping times, and the wait for the packages.  We just want desire neeeeed a few things to curb our insatiable appetite for the Red. And these are it.

1) Dollar Bins. Online. Free Shipping.
Image credit

2) Red carts at the Commissary.
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3) The possibility of towels shipped to our APO boxes.

4) And Rugs

5) Online orders shipped with The Plastic Bags. I'm going with 1 bag per 2 items purchased? That seems fair.

6) Red carts at the PX

7) A Scentsy/Glade Plug-in flavor called "The Target Store". You know that one that rushes over you when you walk in the doors? Mmmm. Popcorn and Starbucks and Dollar Bins.

8) Clearance Racks Online.

9) Market Pantry Food Online. Please.
(We can actually purchase these 5 items online. lol)

10) The PX Workers to wear more red shirts. And tan pants.

I don't think it's asking too much. If you aren't overseas or don't have regular access to a Target, what would you add? 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I told David I went to bed early last night. It was 12:30. I was watching #pll and my Netflix stopped working and I took that as a sign (as if my unwillingly shutting eyes weren't enough) that I should go to bed. So I did. And I slept so solid. Amazing.

Here are some pictures because that's what I do.

The kids wanted to watch this. So we started it. A friend came over to play with Sadie and she asked us to not watch it without her. So Jackson and I started watching Holes which is Chelsi's favorite movie. I forgot that it was so good and that Shia LaBeouf is in that movie. He is a baby child in it. ha.

Look at this awesome picture. lol. Hashtag real life. 

So, these items are for the Super Saturday we have coming up but the kids have found such a great use for them. I think I know what I'm getting them for Christmas! And it's going to be cheap. lol

Splashy Donuts in Weiden
 Weiden got a doughnut shop! WHAT? It's like a legit one. Not just baked goods, but mostly doughnuts/donuts? There was a consistent line of people when we were there which is why I could not get an artistic picture without people in it.

We love Peter! He turned 1! We loved going to his party with the baby pinata and the cake and the fun! We love these people!
So we went to get David's official DA photo. And I caught this gem. It was pure luck! There was no posing for this. I watched him for a minute as he was practicing his parade rest and his salute. So cute.

That's all. I'm on the season finale of season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. Don't judge me. What's your favorite guilty pleasure? 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Here we go. Maybe I should just do pictures? Except they're just cell phone pics. I'm so lazy. However, I did do something crafty today. I should have done a before and after and I totally didn't.

It's such bad lighting but I spray painted my glass lotion bottle with chalk paint. Because it didn't match my decor. That is a chalk marker. And this Burt's Bees lip stuff. What's on your night stand?

Pictures. That's what this will be. This was actually today and these pictures actually make me feel joy. You should see the video Chelsi posted. THAT is joy in video form. Here is a link to the post since I can't seem to get it to embed here.

This was this last weekend. Sprinklers and bathing suits? Outside. And then it was cold the next day. lol. 

I LOVE Fall Bath and Body Works candles. I got Salty Caramel and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Then we have a Yankee Candle Peach Cobbler that is awesome too.

This is Nevie out to dinner at Liu in Weiden. It's one of our favorite places to eat. She was the one that suggested we "cheers" (see her glass) and then said "This is the best dinner ever."
Chelsi's first #PSL of the year. lol.

THEN! We had our 2nd annual Bauscher Strasse Chili and Wing Cook-off. Um. Our neighborhood kind of rocks. As in, it really does. As in, your neighborhood will never compare with this one. I probably should write an entire post dedicated to the love I have for alllll of my neighbors. I'm serious. I was thinking through each and every family and I can think of positive experiences I've had with each of them (minus one neighbor I've never seen come out of her house). Anyway, this event was hosted by Nicole. She made the awesome prizes, had it in her backyard. I made the invites and the sign. Because that's pretty much all I'm good at. lol. Chelsi won second place for best Chili!

I love the friendly rivalry we have going on this football season.

This is by far my favorite picture.

Chelsi's artistic picture of Shauna's shoes. lol

What reminds you of fall? 

Friday, October 2, 2015

So, you know those travel bloggers? The ones with glossy photos and beautifully edited pictures? Well that's not me. Nor is that real life (for me). I wish it was. Believe me I do.

However, this is how it really goes on a regular basis:

We drove the 2 3 hours to Ludwigsberg which is near Stuttgart. We've never been there before. So we don't know how parking is. We drove around for awhile trying to figure it out and at the last second David suggested that he drop us off at a bus stop while he parks. It was really sweet of him. Because me and walking long distances don't get along. So in a rush, we unloaded. Me, the 3 kids, the backpack, my purse. Check. All there. Except right as he drove away (a bus was coming to the stop), I realized I didn't grab my phone which we were using as GPS.

I didn't even know what to do. We had made no plans whatsoever.

So we went to the entrance we were closest to and hung out there for awhile. There were so. many. people. Like the most I've ever seen. Jackson was close to wetting himself so we purchased tickets (for everyone) and went inside the gate. Thankfully there was a bathroom right there because Jackson reallly needed to go.

Then he got stuck. Like he couldn't figure out how to open the door. And he was crying. And we are in Germany so people were trying to talk to him and to me and they were using a key to try and open the door. It was just misery. Meanwhile, the people. The lots of people. I have 2 other kids who were joyously playing in the rock dirt near the bathroom. Ahhhh! Stress.

We finally started to make our way somewhere because we had been there awhile. My next thought was that we would go to where the food is. Only I couldn't read the signs. If you have ever been to Ludwigsberg Palace, then you know how big and how crazy it is. There are random entrances and you have to exit to go around the palace to get to this OTHER part of the gardens. Anyway,  David had talked to Nick and they were going to eat. We were all hungry and had talked about eating while we were still all together. So I was a smart person and used my logic and decided that that would be where they (him and Chelsi) would go next.

We waited. In the throngs of people. The throngs of people all wearing the same colors Chelsi and David were (grey and black). I looked hopelessly around for a familiar face. Was that Sarah? Where was Nick? Surely they were somewhere.

And they were. David found me (he said my shirt stood out. Which it did. But I was disappointed it wasn't my hair lol)  and soon thereafter Chelsi came up with Nick and Sarah. Relief.

So anyway, I was kind of over it by then. But thankfully it was still worth it. We got pumpkin hamburgers, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spritzers, and pumpkin chutney which I totally can't wait to eat with our favorite naan.

Here are my not-so-glossy pictures.

Ahhh! Love all these people! 

It means Fly! I love it.

We ate at this delicious restaurant with Sarah and Nick. It was legit Italian. Like I think they only spoke Italian. Haha. Super yummy. 

Stop Eating Animals!

What are you doing to celebrate Fall?