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Prague is Pretty!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
There's so much happening right now. Okay, maybe it's already happened. But I want to blog about it! Actually secretly I don't want to, but I have this irrational fear of losing pictures. So posting them here is my way of feeling better about it although at anytime Blogger could just disappear, like my livejournal did. Did anyone else have that? I'm kind of sad about it because I would really like to know what those entries said. Anyway, has anyone else published their blog in book form? Who do you recommend? I want to do that although it will certainly cost me a few limbs because I have been doing this since like, 2007. Yikes!

Anyway, I'm not even sure what this post will  be about. I'm just going to add photos "From Your Phone" and see what I come up with.

PRAGUE it is!

This is what it looked like the entire drive there. Complete with snow and rain and clouds. Many times David said, "I'm not sure this is a good day for going." When we went down to park, it was snowing in several directions. After we came out, it had stopped snowing and was just lightly drizzling.

 Then it started raining/snowing again and I didn't have a hood on my jacket.

This mini itty bitty petting stall was a favorite

 The sun started to peek through!

Then the sky kept getting bluer and bluer 

 And then I had to shield myself from so much sun!

The bubble lady was probably the favorite part of the day although Jackson said he wanted to write about the clock tower in his "adventure journal". 

This was the walk to the car 

This is what I went to Prague for and left with (besides amazing views and good memories of course) 

My Nice Nevie

I sometimes follow through with the tradition of writing letters to my kiddos on their birthdays and sometimes I don't. I would really like to get good at it. It's not difficult. Anyway, I'm gonna try.

Dear Nevie,

I love you! Thanks for being a part of our family! You  bring such joy into each of our lives.

Right now you are standing in front of me watching "Strawberry Coatcake", your choice since it's your birthday. Your strawberry (pink cake) just got done and you have your dancing shoes on! Everything you wanted for your birthday! You just said "I'm gonna bring my puppies mom." and you have them all in your hand. I love that you love babies. Chelsi has watched Peter a few times and each time all you want to do is hold him and love on him. It's very sweet.

There is something in your soul that exudes light and kindness. Yesterday we were playing outside with our neighbors and your friend Lauren was sad because she wanted the stroller and baby you were playing with and you took it over and gave it to her. At the Easter egg hunt, you pointed out some eggs to Avery so she could have a lot too. It's these examples and the many others that let me know how sweet you are, without having to be told.

You love sunglasses, ranch, ketchup, salad, dancing, tea parties, your auntie Cheowthee (which just recently changed from Dashi), dad, kitties, or any other fluffy animal, purses, Ian, Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, bubbles, and life.

One of my favorite things you do right now is growl. Like "ugggghhhhh" if you are frustrated, and sometimes not even frustrated. It's hilarious.

Out of all of the kids, you are the best snuggler. You don't whine or complain and you'll stay in position for longer than 5 minutes. You still sleep with Daddy and I and you won't sleep well unless we are both there. Last night you were wide awake until I came up. You asked me to rub your back. And then went to sleep pretty immediately. Often I stay in bed in the morning because you will wake up if you don't feel (physically or psychologically I'm not sure) someone next to you.

Just right now, Sadie really wanted one of the two bags you were carrying and you fought her until I asked for her to please let you have your way today. Then you gave her one. It was very sweet.

I am so grateful for you in our family. I can't imagine what our lives would be like without you. It's kind of scary to think about. Thanks for choosing us.