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The Truth and It's Counterpart

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I'm coming out. About it all. I haven't been completely honest with you and I think you deserve to know the truth. So here it is.

I swear. Literally, I do. Like in my head, and when I drive. I say bad words. A lot of the time it's in my head but sometimes it's not. I don't think I'm going to try as much to censor my language. Because I think God still loves me.

I can't be your best friend. Not because I don't like you, but because I am bad at it. I don't answer my phone, always text back or comment on your status updates or blogs. I am unreliable (not because I want to be, but because life requires it) and I value dependableness. I don't committ even though I'd like to. I'll always make plans but can't promise to keep them (again, even though I want to!). I want to be your bff but those are things I will never be great at. And if you can accept that, than yay. Let's keep on, keepin on.

There's nothing that irritates me more, than people with bad manners. I really hate when you chew loudly, or fart while we are having a serious conversation. I don't like when you say stupid things about people you know nothing about.

I hate sharing money. Isn't that lame? I will give you ANYTHING you need. But please, don't ask me for money. You can have my clothes, my car, my eggs, my uterus (or kidneys), but please, don't beg for dolla bills. Mostly because I am the one doing the begging. Contradictory right? Speaking of which, I need to give an experience.

David and I went to his parents house last night to get the money he earned by washing cans earlier in the day. We needed that money to pay our water bill. They gave us more than he earned. We tried not to take it while in our heads we were desperate for it. I probably seemed rude at the time because I honestly didn't know what to say. I am overwhelmed with the charity of others. With how people (not me) can give with NO expectation of anything in return.

But for real. I really will give you all the money I have if you need it. I promise. And don't be afraid to ask.

I am going to be more honest from now on. Even on this blog. I plan to use it as a resting place for my thoughts, to gather stories on my memoir.  I hope you will buy it. And if you do, I will sign a copy for you.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate you for who you are. It's REALLY true.

The Grate Debate. I know, I spelled that wrong.

Thursday, September 23, 2010
So, remember how I used to be really loud and sort of obnoxious on the blog? And then it sort of (notice the sort of) went away? It's because of the secret blog. I think what i am going to do though, is just get back to this. I'm not sure what this is going to be. It might be a mommy blog, or a I-hate-everyone blog, or maybe it will be a cooking blog (say what?), ALL depending on my mood.

Another thing.

I can't remember if I have posted here or not about how I am cutting people out. It's such a weird experience for me. I have always had a lot of friends. But I haven't always been a good friend. So this cutting people out, is weird. It feels wrong, but it feels good. Because I can now work on being a great friend to those that will have me. It's not that I am cutting them out necessarily, it's more that I have stopped being SO concerned with pleasing them. You know? We all have those people in our lives that we sort of keep around for some reason. Well, not me! I'm cleaning house. That's rude huh? I sound like a huge beeyotch. But that might be what I am.

Did you know that I hate flies? I used to never kill them. But since there is pretty much an infestation of them at my house, I can't help but feel an overwhelming need to whack them. Really hard. Wow. Angry person I am. I am back to the "I hate everyone" stage of life. Even though I don't really.

All I can hear right now is the sound of their buzzing. Gross. They die in the winter time right? Do moths come out in winter? Because i hate those too. So bad.

Anyway, I really do like you a lot. Only if you are reading this. j/k. lol. brb. And with that, I'll pass.

Halloween is weird but you are more weird.

Friday, September 17, 2010
Awkward moment of the day occurred in the Safeway checkout line. The lady in front of me (who was 80 years old with pigtails tied with scrunchies), bought 2 candy bars. Well they are on sale. Buy 2, get 1 free. So cashier lady told pigtail lady to get another one. So I am up next. I too bought candy bars AND got my free one. Cashier lady starts telling me how she has so much candy even though she has not purchased any in years! It's been in her freezer. I offered what I thought was a smart suggestion. "Hand it out to the kids at Halloween". Smart right?


She proceeds to tell me how Halloween is the devils holiday and how "people don't really know what they are celebrating. They are celebrating the dead. and Satan." Oh my. It was intense. Jehovah's Witness much? Yeah. Pretty sure. It was sort of a long and embarrassing schpeel about the whole thing.

Now I'm not a big fan of Halloween. In fact, I hate it. But not for those reasons. The whole conversation was really unnecessary.

I wish we could have talked about my reasons for hating it. You spend lots of money on stupid costumes that you wear for ONE DAY! Don't tell me about how you are so crafty and make your own and it's free. Cause even then, it's not free. You spend the time sewing and stressing all for someone who doesn't really care. Also, there is the candy. I love candy. But I hate spending LOTS of money on candy that I don't even get to eat. Yes, I started hating Halloween after I became an adult. Wait, that's not even true. I think I really began hating it around the time puberty/awkward stage of life started. When it mattered whether you went as a nurse or a witch, or Marsha Brady (all the popular kids went as the Spice Girls). I always wanted to be something that involved an expensive costume (a princess, or angel, or something). But we couldn't afford it. And I think that's when it happened. The hating of Halloween.

I'm Sorry I Have to be That Person

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
I have always wanted to be the one that doesn't "moderate" comments. I believe in free and anonymous speech. Except when you are a spammer. Therefore, I have had to unallow? Disallow? Cut-off? anonymous comments on my blog. At first it was just one specific post, but today in my inbox there were a few more posts that had been spammed.

I've been told that once you've been hit, they sort of mark your blog as one that is good for posting stupid stuff. This is one of them from today (I removed the links):

Hi All

I was looking around for Modern Entertainment CenterWall Units (I'm not really sure what the difference is LoL) and was wondering if you know any resources to explain what I need to know to make an informed buying decision. Any review is appreciated.

Thanks in-advance for all your help

This was another one from before:

hpxntxerymryhsvgsxkqy. acne treatment

Ugh. So rude. Anyway, so I've blocked YES that's the word I was trying to think of, people who don't have Open ID or something like that from posting. We'll see how it goes. I've also added comment approval for posts over 14 days old. Because it seems like all the spam is on posts older than 14 days. How is Google so smart to know that? 
That's all for now. I've got some math homework to do. 
Oh yeah, and we had our first book club meeting . We are going to read  The Giver.  Do you want to join us? It's going to be LOTS of fun. We would love for you to come.

Our View From The Haunted Hamburger

Monday, September 6, 2010

You cant tell, but its actually really beautiful. Have you ever been to Jerome, AZ? Its really really cute there. And pretty!!! We ate at the aboce mentioned Restaurant. I ordered the hamburger that was on special. It was only $21.00!!! Luckily that was a mistake. I had a mini heart attack for a second.

We had adventures yesterday and today. Camping (last minute) and then Jerome. Loved it. Well not the hard ground, and sore body. But the memories? For sure.

God answers prayers. It's true. I have been stressing about pictures getting done for some clients and after about 16 tries of burning the pictures to a disk, I gave up. And I prayed. And guess what? Yeah, it worked. It ended up taking 3 disks and everytime I tried to burn them without praying first, no workey. But, with some Divine help, they worked just fine. It was definitely a lesson for me. I have been slacking in faith a little bit and this lesson was EXACTLY what I needed.

This Really Did Happen to Me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
So yesterday we were lucky enough to spend the day together as a family. I know right? Well most of it. I had appointments in the morning, and he had school in the afternoon, but hey, I didn't have to work work. As in, work in the office. Being a mom is work though. And I will always consider it as much.

The kiddos and I dropped David off at school for Chinese and decided that we were all very thirsty for some high class chocolate milk. So off to Starbucks we went. 3 chocolate milks please. We sat down, and sipped quietly. Jackson saw letters on the wall! He loves letters lately. (Did you see the cute pics on Facebook of him and Sadie?) He pointed out the ones he knew and asked "wass dat?" to the ones he didn't. He talked in a normal 3 year old voice. Chattering about chocolate milk and the letter T.

Along comes this lady. She says to Jackson, "How old are you?" After looking at me as if to ask if this lady is okay to talk to, he says, "Free years old". I gladly say "That's right!" This lady goes on and says, "Well, you are talking like your are 1 year old. You are using your outside voice. And you need to use your inside voice. We are in an adult coffee shop and people are trying to read. And you are talking so loud." All the while, Jackson is looking at this lady and responding as if she is one of those kind old-lady people. No. Not at all. "Yeah, you need to go outside if you want to talk like that. Because we are inside. And need to be quiet. And this needs to be enforced by your parents." And then walks away. For real.

I'm shaking by this time. I sit there for about a minute before I take both kids, our chocolate milks, my purse and my shaking body to the bathroom. I called my sister. She always has the right things to say. As expected, I received the validation and words I needed to confront this idiot of a woman.

I go back out, walk up to her with this whole speech planned and and don't even get 5 words in before she interrupts me. I said "Excuse me, you have no right...." and then she cuts me off. She proceeds to tell me how the president of Starbucks in an interview on TV (which she thinks I need to watch) said that Starbucks is meant to be an adult place. That people come here to read in peace and quiet. That I need to teach my kids this. That I should take them to McDonalds to play. Every now and then, I got to tell her that she has no right to talk to my kids like that and that Starbucks is a PUBLIC place that serves kids drinks and treats (apparently those are for people who get drinks to go)! That if she wants somewhere quiet, to go to a freaking library or HOME. That she has no right to criticize my parenting (which she says she wasn't doing. She was using this at a teaching moment). That it's not posted anywhere that this is a quiet, adults only place. This lady was seriously convinced that Starbucks is an ADULTS ONLY place.

I'm not stupid. I am socially aware enough to know that if my kids are being loud, to tell them to be quiet. We were seriously sitting there at the table (not even running around) drinking our drinks. The lady at the opposite table was smiling. And even when I walked out of the bathroom  another customer was smiling at the kids too. Again, I am aware of people and I can read them pretty well. If I felt at all, that my kids were misbehaving, you better bet I would do something about it. But I didn't think that talking normally in a PUBLIC place was a crime.

Don't worry, I'll be calling Starbucks. I have some questions for them.


I ended up writing Starbucks about my experience. Mostly to ask whether their mission is to create an "adult coffee shop atmosphere". I received a response and am very pleased with their courtesy. Here it is:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us.

I am truly sorry that you had such a disappointing visit. As a matter of fact we actually sell children's beverages. This is obviously not the experience we want you to have at our stores.

I want you to know that we take your concerns seriously and that I will share this not only with departments here in our corporate office, but also with the manager and district manager of the Iron Spring and Gail Gardner Way store to address this.

I would love to invite you back into our stores for the chance to make up for a visit that you did not enjoy. What I will do is mail you some beverage coupons so that your next drink will be on us.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to fix something that is wrong.  If there are any questions or concerns that I have not been able to address, please don't hesitate to call us at 800 23-LATTE (235-2883), we are here Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM (PST).
It was written by a real person. I took the survey at the end and gave them high remarks for their response and concern. That is good customer service. Just acknowledging my concerns was enough! but the free drinks don't hurt either. :-)