Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This blog is about two things.

Coupons. Im back in the business. Of saving. I dont want to brag, but I am going to. I hate bragging because it just makes other people feel bad. Anyway, i went to Safeway last night and saved 44 percent! Thats super great for me. I am usually a good shopper in that I watch for the cheapest item out of them all but Ive never gotten the concept of stocking up on the super duper cheap stuff! Until now!!

Id also like to be grateful. Grateful for my hub, work, money, and tithing. We went from having $.46 to having more than that. So grateful.

Now can I complain? I know I said It was about 2 things but I see I have more characters left before I hit 1000.

Here is my complaint! I hate complainers. lol. Okay, just people who complain about their trash. Really? You are going to waste your energy telling me, more than once, that you are mad your trash spilled? Because you didnt bag it! Dum. Just kidding. About the dum part.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have started on this new craze of waking up early to go walking. Its really awesome. And okay, the craze has been 2 days so far. lol. Yesterday my friend Belle came with me. We found a super awesome yard sale loaded with scrapbooking stuff. She got a bunch, I got a little. lol. That is only because I didnt have cash or space to store.

My kids are super cute. I am going to be that mom that now talks about her kids bowel movements. Ready? Jackson went pee in the potty!! Be excited. Its happened many times! We might be onto something. He will go if we ask him but still wants to wear diapers. I got him some pull-ups yesterday. David informed me that im not allowed to call them (and underwear) panties. Panties are for girls. I think its too late. Jackson says panties pretty well.

Well the naked girl in the picture is finished with her beauty rest so i better go.

Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you spell the short version of vacation?  The answer lies below. You know how you say to your significant other or friends, "Let's go on a (insert short word for vacation)". Or, "You deserve a (insert short word again)." How do you spell it when you do write or text it? Let's discuss it below.

Vacay: If you were to pronounce this correctly it would sound like this, "vuh-kay". That sounds silly doesn't it?

Vaca: If you were to pronounce this one correctly it would sound like this, "vuh-kuh". And isn't this the Spanish word for cow? It's something like that.

Vaycay: Pronounced correctly, "vay-kay". Yay! Let's go on a vaycay! I LOVE vaycays.

While it does require and extra letter, it remains worth it to not look like an idiot when writing. Please use correctly.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I like my house. I REALLY like my mortgage payment. I even more like my huge yard and the wood floors inside. And the big garage. Yeah. Im bragging. What I dont like? The outside. Okay, I do like it. Its sort of a shock when you get inside and its all remodeled and stuff. Thats the big secret. I dont mean to brag but I sort of do. lol. In a good way. I need to getan outside picture. Hopefully its not too dark. Ill try. So I got one. Ill edit this post when I get inside. I am really enjoying this view.

A few things.

Happy Fathers Day to my one and only. I maybe feel like that will be another post for another day. I dont want to overwhelm everyone with the gushiness. There is already a lot. Secondly, we had a party today for The dia of the padres and for Jacksons birthday. He is sweetm I love my family for helping with everything.

Thats all for now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I think this might become my mommy blog. Is that annoying? I am sitting outside waiting for someone to come look at a couch that we picked up from the trash at work. I am actually sitting in it. We are going to make money off of something we got for free. lol.

I have so many thoughts running through my head. Its such a common phrase. However, I do. Do your thoughts run? Or walk? Or lightly jog? I think mine are usually running.

Jackson and David went to the Verde with Rebecca and Adam. So its just mi hija and I.

I best be going. I am having a yard sale. Come buy my stuff. thanks.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

She sat on the floor and happily ate from a bag of chips.

We are driving home from Phx right now (me and my mom). People slow down so much for cops. Why cant they just go the speed limit?

I think we might catch the rain. We are so happy about that. I love the smell of ozone.

Why cant I be crafty? I love all you ladies who are super awesome moms and super crafty too.

Did you know I have a secret blog? Do you? I think thats why I havent been posting as much here. I wanna get back on track.

I would really enjoy some Leo's right now. Leo's is a hometown sandwish shop in Lock Haven. Its really so cute. When my friend Jaime came to visit we locked her in the bathroom. Sorry J. Its literally inside the walls. Like you walk inside the wall and there are toilets. I might be on a tangent right now.

I am almost out of characters. I hope the weekend is so great for you.