Friday, August 21, 2009

It's actually been so long since I last wrote. Craziness. I don't have anything positive to say. I know right? Don't you hate those kinds of blogs? I thought about not even writing because of that fact, and then I figured what the h? There are plenty of other blogs out there with plenty of positiveness to go around. I can recommend a few if you need.

David has been gone for 4 days. That means I have had the kids for 48 hours and counting. Non-stop. Okay, that's a lie. My sister was here today for a couple of hours. I had to get out and get some power. We are poor and have M-Power. Did I already explain how that works? That means, if our magic box doesn't have some dolla bills on it, then we run out. Plain and simple. I could insert something positive here. When I was at Safeway at the M-Power station someone previous left their receipt for me to find. They had a balance due of $847. That's a lot of money! At least my balance is zero. I am grateful.

So back to complaining about kids. I have a great appreciation for single parents. How do you/they do it? There is no way in H-E-Double hockey stick that I could ever do it. I am dying here. I have come super close to losing it already. I had Jackson crawling on my head, and Sadie in my lap, while trying to talk on the phone. I know I've got nothing on a lot of you mama's and papa's out there, but to me.... that was a little too much. Get off the phone you say? Well then I have Jackson whacking me in the ankle with a piece of closet rod. Sadie is still awake. Jackson is still awake and I am still awake. Ugh. I'm tired. How does one put two kids to bed? Ones that have to be put to sleep? I can't leave Jackson for too long because he barges in, begging for a drink. If I leave Sadie, she screams her freaking head off. I'm about to lose it again. Sadie is doing exactly that. SCREAMING!

Okay. I get it. I sort of just had a "grounding" experience if you will. I got up to get Sadie and she just laid her head on my shoulder and went to sleep. (She also burped extremely loud. Gas anyone?). So I laid on the couch, and Jackson joined us. He laid in/on my legs. Very sweet moment for me. I was forced to just be. Even if it was only for a few minutes. My babies need me. And I need them.

With that, I'll end.