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Our Construction baby

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He loves Dad's measuring tape. This is at the house too.
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The House!

Here is the finished product. I will go take some pics of the outside. It's gorgeous! I have not spent much time there because I am still grieving the loss. I was there to help clean the windows and it was really hard. It was supposed to be my house! I'm sure the new owners will love it though.

Whuut The February?

Monday, February 25, 2008
Do you watch Ellen? I do. I love her too. She is so fabulous and funny. I was catching up on some of the shows today and It made me happy. I was not in a favorable mood today so listening her helped lift some of the burden.

I had practice today. I took Jackson with me and brought his walker too. He loved it. There was so much room to roam and the lobby floor was perfect for this. It was slippery so it was easy for him to maneuver.

I'm proud of my girls. I think I may have mentioned this already but they took first in their division and 3rd overall. They have such talent. I can't wait till next season so we can show off even more! Jenny and I sat down and planned a bunch out for the next few competitions. We even got try-out stuff off to a good start. I can't wait. Cheerleading is the one thing in my life I can't live without (besides Coke Zero of course).

My bad mood has dissapeared for today and I'm thankful for that. I hate feeling the stresses of the world. I know what the cure is, I just have to practice it more.

Sweet Dreams.

El Guitar

Sunday, February 24, 2008
So today was a nice day at church. Actually, I am a bad Mormon and left early to attend a scrapbooking party. I know right? At least it's considered family history. Do you think God will let it slide then? We were allowed to make a page while we were there and that's what I came up with. I am sort of in trouble though because I discovered clear stamps. I don't know the technical name but I do know that I love them.

On another note, Jackson is the cutest baby ever. There is no denying it. I wish he wasn't because it makes it hard to be his not so cute mom. I'm hoping one day he will make us lots of money from modeling. I am a good mom and want to exploit my child to the media. Just kidding.

Anyway, he loves the guitar. David has already begun training him. He used to not be able to strum but now he can. When we set him in front of the guitar not only does he pluck away, but he HAS to have one foot on the neck of the guitar. It's so funny. It's like his way of saying "I own this."
Ooooh, if you need a good movie to see, try Vantage Point. We went and saw it this weekend (with the two A and J's) and I chewed all of my nails and cuticles off. I blame it on the fact that I ran out of candy to eat. It's probably a good thing because I would have eaten my daily allowance of calories in candy.
Okay. Bye bye.

Mom Jeans

Saturday, February 23, 2008
It's so weird how I come up with the silliest things I want to write about right before I go to bed. I was sitting at Wal-Mart the other day, okay I wasn't really sitting I was standing, waiting to make pictures at the Kodak kiosk. I noticed how many people were wearing mom jeans. Now, I know most people aren't blind so why on earth do they pick mom jeans to wear? Tapered ankles and high top shoes are just not in. This is not to say I am stylish myself but at least I know that mom jeans are ugly. I'm sorry if I offend people.. no I am not. Anyway, I love the ones that show socks too. They are my favorite. I think people should watch "What not to Wear". They are NOT flattering to anyone. This brings me to my next least favorite fashion.

SKINNY JEANS! What the...? I hate them. Maybe I'm just jealous because cute skinny people can wear them and I can't. Maybe I should. No. That would not be pretty. But seriously? What's even funnier is that the people usually wearing skinny jeans are guys with emo hair. If you wear skinny jeans, I judge you.

One more thing I hate? okay, nothing. I can't think of anything anyway.

At least J and I might go test drive a Nissan today. I really want one. David won't let me get a minivan so I want to go all out and get a 2009 Nissan Murano. It is no where near a reality for us, but that does not mean we can't dream right?

For My Family

Friday, February 22, 2008
First and foremost, I love you. Secondly, this is a good one for you to check out. I am hopefully going to post pictures and videos pretty regularly so keep checking back. Also, I would really like it if everyone could get their own. I could set up a general one if you want. It's really easy to use, and it's lots of fun too.

I miss everyone pretty badly. I hope all is well on the homefront.


Mr. Hanz

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Mr. Hanz is our love fern. If you have never seen How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days, then you have no idea what I am talking about. If you have seen it, than you know. Now I know it's not a love fern, but we like to call it that. He has been with us since before we were married. He traveled across the United States in the front seat of the U Haul with us. The visual of that makes me laugh. Needless to say, he's been with us for a long time.

Today though, our human love fern decided he would like to eat some of the plant love fern. Yes Jackson got a hold of it. He was knawing on the leaves like they were a piece of gum. I don't think he could decide whether he was gonna swallow them or not. Hold on, he just found Mr. Hanz again.

I'm kind of sad because Mr. Hanz is having a hard time right now. He's wilting a little bit. I think it's because its Winter and more dry. He's still living though. I remember when we used to live in our trailer I was sure it was over for our plant. He was wilted and brown and dry. With a little TLC though, he was back and hopefully will be with us for a lot longer.

What else did I do today? I spent over and hour making a scrapbook page of Aaron and Jenny. I know right? What's even more silly is that I got a book called "Simple Scrapbooking" or something. Sure hasn't helped me much. It did give me some good ideas for journaling though. Previous to getting this book, I would write titles and dates only. The author of this book not only does that but writes a little memory or something associated from either a journal or blog or conversation. I'm going to try and do that from now on.

Anyway, that's all for now. I love everyone. I miss Myspace already.


I know I am not Catholic and all, but I still decided to give up something(s) for Lent. Those things are Myspace and Facebook. I know right? Jenny is doing the same thing. So yesterday I logged on for the last time until March 23 (that's when it's over). Last night I already realized how much time I really do spend on those sites. It's usually at the end of the day that I sit down at the computer to check my e mail, Myspace (i put the link here to my Myspace), and Facebook. After checking my one message on gmail, I was done. So what did I do? I went and sat with David. Wow! Spending extra time with my spouse.... what a concept!

This is not to say I will not be giving up Myspace and Facebook for good, but maybe it will help to limit how much time I spend with my internet "friends". I'm excited for this adventure. I might have withdrawls so watch out. Grumpy Lisa could be coming your way.

Just kidding. Oh wait...

The Day of Snow

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Hi. So today it was really snowy. Being the people we are (Jenny and I), snow days equal going out days. We don't let a few (several) inches of snow keep us indoors.

It was a good time. We headed out for a nice day of shopping. Target is always fun. That's mostly where we went. We hit up Michaels too. Fun as well. We also went to a secret lunch of which I will not disclose any more details.

I'm getting sick. I am trying to use the power of mind to say that I am not. But I really am. I think it might be the stress. Tomorrow is the VT conference. It should be fun. I just hope everything is in order for it. I have figured out that it is really difficult for me to delegate. It's a control thing. But I did this time and it seems to have worked out so far. Hopefully we will not have to cancel due to weather.

It's also Jenny's birthday tomorrow! Whoop... holy moley! She is gonna be 25. That's a quarter of a century old! Wow. Good times.

One more quick story. The other night we played speed Monopoly (J, A, D and I). Althought we did not get to finish, I think I discovered it to be quite a fun game. Previous to the good experience I had That night Monopoly had always been kind of a bad game. Tempers flare when playing with some people. It was way worth watching Aaron eat his 5 roast beef sandwiches and the cramped legs (from sitting on my floor). I still call a rematch.

I think that's all for now. I just wanted to get a little out there for today.

The Smells I love

Thursday, February 7, 2008
Everytime I go into certain places I tend to think about how much I love the smell of that store/home. I also love certain smells just because they are what they are. Considering the fact that I have supersmell, I can't help but notice even the most minute aromas. I have even considered going into perfumology (is that even a thing?) Today I would like to list a few of those scents I just can't get over. I have been dying to blog about it too. Isn't that funny?

1. Brite Laundry. I can't describe what it is. I love it though.
2. Starbucks (need I say more?)
3. Hollister
4. it.
5. My old house during Christmas (the real smell of Christmas. My parents no longer have a real tree though. :-(
6. My old Honda car (especially after it had been sitting in the sun).
7. Dad. He used to smell like vanilla, cologne and cigarettes all mixed together. But it was HIS smell.
8. Pine Sol! OMG! Yum!
9. The smell of Spring. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
10. Ozone (in other words, the smell of rain.)

That's about all for now. I mostly have to go because Lost is calling my name. I'll be back later for more. This is fun.


Monday, February 4, 2008
If I seeee anotherr Myspace profileee with words that end or contain 4 extra letters in them, I'm going to puke. Don'tttt you knowww how to spelllll? And what is the pointttt? Not only does it take a lot of extraaaaa effort, it makes you looooookkk stupid. And yes I'm talking to you, and you, and you. But not you, if you don't do ittttt. AHHHHHHHHH stab me please. Or at least drill a hole in my head like the guy did to that girl on House tonight.
I'm sorrrrryyy I complain so much. Sometimes I do write blogs about happy things. Like the cinnammmoon twists Mil made tonight. Yum.